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All Life Force aircraft are
owned, operated and piloted by Med-Trans Corporation.

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Through service excellence and innovation, we provide safe, comprehensive, effective and compassionate patient care, while delivering superior customer service.

LIFE FORCE Capabilities

LIFE FORCE serves patients who have suffered any kind of severe trauma or burn, as well as severe medical illnesses. Each aircraft has equipment and the trained staff to care for people in all stages of life, from infants to geriatrics. LIFE FORCE may also be utilized in some situations, in search and rescue missions.


An air ambulance was first proposed in the Chattanooga area in 1975. While hospital officials agreed that a helicopter service would be a good idea, it was not until December 1988, that Erlanger Health System actually began the LIFE FORCE program. The program exceeded business plan forecasts by more than fifty percent during the first year of operations.

On July 1, 1994, LIFE FORCE became the first helicopter program in the nation to be equipped with a receiver that is certified to fly Global Positioning System (GPS) approaches. The GPS space-based radio positioning and navigation system provides safety and speed for LIFE FORCE when flying in weather conditions that are less than ideal. GPS can provide sufficient accuracy, integrity and availability to support precision approaches to landing locations. GPS can be the cornerstone of all future air navigation. 

LIFE FORCE 2, located at the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Sparta, Tennessee, was added in 1995 to better serve the Upper Cumberland region communities.

LIFE FORCE 3, located at Tom B. David Airport in Calhoun, Georgia, was added in December 2006 to better serve communities in North Georgia. Life Force 3 had it's first flight on February 12, 2007.

In March 2008, LIFE FORCE placed in service the latest in night vision technology by adding night vision goggles.  The U.S. Military has been the mainstay platform utilized in the development and refinement of viable night vision product for tactical applications. The civilian markets have recently recognized that NVG’s provide helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) operators with increased situational awareness and enhanced safety throughout their programs.


LIFE FORCE 4 was placed in service in the Blue Ridge, Georgia area in October 2010 to help better serve the Northeast Georgia, Southeast Tennessee and Western North Carolina communities.  LIFE FORCE 4 moved into their permanent base in McCaysville, Georgia in June 2012.


In Memory

This web site is dedicated in the memory of Greg Neely, a paramedic with LIFE FORCE, who gave his life on October 2, 1990 during a rescue attempt of a fallen hiker. Greg is remembered as one whose love for his job and care for his patients set him apart from other paramedics.

Greg was also highly admired and respected by his colleagues, and anyone else that knew him. On October 14, 1996, the LIFE FORCE Hangar Complex was dedicated in the memory of Greg. Greg is also remembered in the National EMS Memorial web site.


All Life Force aircraft are owned, operated and piloted by Med-Trans Corporation.

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